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Our Amenities

BITLAB is located next to the Shek Mun MTR, with views of Tolo Harbour and direct access to Kowloon and Hong Kong island via the Tuen Mun and East Rail lines. BITLAB has also 5 metres height rise and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which allowing you to feel like you are in the middle of the city without constricted.

BITLAB’s furnishings are in woods and warm colours, providing you a warm and comfortable office experience.

Our lights have been specially designed for maximum of 4000 lumen and natural light colour.

Reading corner is furnished with the resort’s favourite astronaut couch and beanbag. The pantry has a coffee machine, bar table and chairs set next to it, which allowing you to have a break from work.

BITLAB is committed to providing an office environment that is as comfortable and efficient as possible to build a dream office to you.

Office Supplies

ITLAB offers you a variety of office space to choose from, so that you can select the perfect space for you and your business.

We had set lockable personal locker under each desk and each office is equipped with office furniture to store your documents and personal belongings.

BITLAB has frosted the transparent doors to ensure that no one can see you or your work outside of the room. The interior of the walls has also been fitted with acoustic foam and soundproof panels to ensure that your communications are not overheard, ensuring the privacy for you and your business.

We also offer superb quality multi-function laser printers so that you can enjoy high quality scanning and printing documents.

We also offer the latest short-throw laser projectors and professional media equipment to make your corporate events more professional and high class.

We provide coffee machines, water dispensers, refrigerators, microwave and other equipment to cater for your long working hours.

Studio&Meeting Rooms

BITLAB offers you complete multimedia facilities, live rooms, meeting rooms and a studio that can accommodate up to 110 people.

We will be equipped with an ultra-advanced laser short-throw projector to facilitate your slide show or video presentation to your business.

We offer different types of whiteboards to make it easier for you to communicate with your company in a quick and tangible way.

We have equipped our sound consoles and multimedia consoles. Turning your meetings more efficient by making it easier to use our multimedia systems.

In addition, our team will always have the relevant professionals on hand to solve any technical problem and assist you in the commissioning of the facility throughout the activity to meet your needs.

Free Fast Internet

BITLAB provides ultra-high-speed internet connection with WiFi6 technology up to gigabit level.

We’ve teamed up with local network operators to deploy a dedicated network line and a backup network line. You can enjoy faster and a more stable internet service in order to enhance your work efficiency.

We equipped multiple access points in different corners. Allowing you to connect to our high-speed Wi-Fi network from anywhere in BITLAB.

BITLAB has set up a network security sector with professional staff to maintain and monitor the network at all times, bringing you no worries using our network.

Free Coffee&Tea

BITLAB co-working space is home to a wide range of our carefully selected coffee and tea. Even if you just want to come and relax with a cup of coffee or tea, you will not be disappointed.

BITLAB is passionate about coffee and has visited more than 50 coffee farms. With a belief in sustainable development and fair trade, the coffee beans from YUNNAN used by BITLAB are carefully evaluated and selected by professional bean buyers and coffee tasters. Each cup of coffee is made immediately to ensure the quality and flavor.

This cup of coffee is not only a refresher, but it will also help you to get rid of your worries from work and make your day a comfortable one!

Ergonomic desk & chair

BITLAB adheres to the trust to ‘healthy and green living’ and uses the professional ‘balanced office space planning’ theory to achieve the ultimate ‘perfect work life’ for our customers.

BITLAB has a comprehensive range of ergonomic desks and chairs. Whatever your height is, you can adjust the height of our ergonomic lift-able tables to the most comfortable position for you. Working in a bad position for long periods of time will cause irreparably damaging to your body and we want everyone in the office to be healthy and comfortable. Regardless of your weight, you can adjust our ergonomic tables and chairs to maintain a posture that is beneficial to both your eyesight and your body.

BITLAB always wants to provide our customers with the best facilities to protect your health.

Business Activities

BITLAB will holds entrepreneurial events often, such as business roadshows, business competitions and investment lunches to provide you with ample social resources. As many different companies are jointing in BITLAB, there are occasional people having meeting from different industries. Where employees of the resident companies can participate and get more social opportunities.

BITLAB is intention to build a business communication platform for both individual entrepreneurs and businesses to explore the latest business trends and get first-hand business information.

People from different industries can carry out mutual business cooperation, referral of clients, outsourcing work and share with others while being paid to do so with the help of BITLAB, thus enhancing the efficiency of the use of social resources and maximising the amount of information for you and your business.

Resource Docking

BITLAB will do our utmost to find the right business partners for you, providing you with the best platforms on the market, facilitating networking among professionals and creating as many communication opportunities as possible.

BITLAB will help your business grow faster by integrating our unique resources from government and business, academic institutions, media, investment and finance, and professional organizations. Connecting them with you to discuss the market change and business trends to improve your business decision-making measures.


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