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Xianglin XU



Graduated from the Department of International Politics of Peking University in 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in Law and stayed teaching. 1987, he went to the University of California, Irvine to study under the American political science master David Easton and received his PhD in political science in 1995. 1996, he returned to Peking University to teach. His main research areas are comparative politics, Chinese government and politics, and public policy.

Academic monographs.:
1.【In Search of Rationality in Progressive Political Reform: Theories, Pathways and Policy Processes】 by Xu Xianglin, China Materials Press, 2009 published.
2.【Political Construction and Government Governance in Transition】, edited by Xu Xianglin, Tong Dezhi and Yan Jie, Social Science Literature Press, 2011 published.
3.【Political Parties, Government and Society in Progressive Political Reform】,edited by Xu Xianglin, CITIC Press, 2004 published.
4.【China's National Condition and Institutional Innovation】, edited by Xu Xianglin, Huaxia Publishing House, 2004 published.
5.【Democracy, Political Order and Social Change】, edited by Xu Xianglin, Gerhard Geller and Zhao Jianmin, CITIC Press, 2003 published.

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